Questions and Answers About Gaining Speed While Bike Riding

Cyclists who can’t seem to increase their bike speed should never give up or get discouraged. Building up speed can take a little time and individuals can also gain an advantage by following a few smart cycling tips. Cyclists can boost their knowledge about gaining speed by reading the questions and answers below.

Can the clothing that a cyclist wears have an impact on their speed?

The type of gear that a cyclist wears is an important factor while riding a bike. The best clothing material for bike riding is lycra because it’s form-fitting. When a person wears loose clothing while riding their bike, it catches the wind and slows down a person’s speed. Individuals will have to pedal harder to maintain their speed when air penetrates oversized clothing.

How important is fitness when individuals are striving to reach a faster cycling speed?

Fitness plays a big part for individuals who want to increase their cycling speed. Proper nutrition, fitness training and keeping a healthy weight are three important components of faster cycling. People who have extra pounds will have more difficulties riding their bikes and they’ll become exhausted quicker. The added weight also makes it harder for individuals to pedal their bikes and thus gain speed. People who regularly take part in fitness training will keep themselves fit and in maximum condition for bike riding. Eating healthy, by avoiding excess sugar and carbohydrates, keeps a person’s weight down and has a positive impact on overall health.

Can a person’s bike have a negative impact on cycling speed?

To easily attain top cycling speeds, individuals should always make sure their bike is in peak condition before they ride. One simple task that will have a huge impact on speed is keeping the tires properly inflated. If there isn’t enough air in the tires, the bike will be unable to achieve maximum speeds. A pressure gauge pump is often used by cyclists to ensure there’s an appropriate amount of air in the tires.

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